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Plastic Conversion Services strives to provide every customer with quality and timely service.

We understand that time is money and that your operations must keep moving smoothly.

You can count on us when you need it most. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and become a partner in your success.

Plastic Conversion

Plastic Conversion Services, Inc. offers a material service platform for plastic resin companies as well as individual plastic molders to typically convert bulk plastic materials into a customized form or quantity suitable for their marketing or molding requirements. We specialize in solving unique application issues that can offer a material buyer greater flexibility and resources to take advantage of spot buys enhancing their competitive position and increased return on investment.

Plastic Conversion Services, Inc. (PCS) is a service provider facility located in Florida with rail, warehouse and distribution services as well as packaging, pulverizing, mixing, blending, shredding, granulating, and industrial recycling of plastic materials. We package and deliver bulk to boxes or sacks; bags, sacks or boxes to bulk; railcar to silo, silo to railcar; all in powder or pellet form. We pride ourselves in solving conversion and logistical opportunities for our clients.

Michael Putt, founder and managing officer is a solution and logistical specialist with a background in business management, manufacturing, plastic processing and customer service. His belief is that the operation and success of a business comes from within and that the satisfaction of employees directly impacts the quality of the operation. The flat hierarchy and friendly style in which he manages challenges and encourages personal growth within his staff as well as their pride and commitment to exceed expectations.

Plastic Conversion Services, Inc. and Plastic Transit, LLC are privately owned with corporate offices in Winter Haven, FL

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